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Blue Da Ba Dee

One would think that after eleven hours of working one's energy level would be so incredibly low that one would want to spend the rest of the evening flat out on his back in front of the television with the remote control in one hand and anything else in the other. Well one didn't. One should have, but didn't.

After what was probably the worst workday of my employment history with my current company (going on three years, kids!) I got home to The Boyfriend and almost broke into tears. The solution to repair my unhappy state? The Boyfriend, The Best Friend, and alcohol.

Nothing cures 'the terrible day' blues like drinking several shots (this, this, and this), taking several shots (we had to. he was wearing mom jeans cut into shorts!), and shooting around the neighborhood from bar to bar to bar.

The only setback to the aforementioned cure is that I usually wake up to Taco Bell wrappers on the living room floor and a cloudy fog hanging in my 'just how the hell did I get home' memory bank.

Good thing we walked.

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