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I'm still working on the overall CSS for the site and of course I'm having problems with Internet Explorer. If you're viewing the site using the Firefox browser, go you. You'll see the site the way it's meant to be seen. I have no idea what the site looks like in any other browser, and after not playing around with this stuff for a few years; I'm kinda rusty.

I'll fix things as soon as I can.

But for now, it's off to eat some of Mama Gumola's holiday ham and spend time with my two favorite men: The Boyfriend and my younger brother.

Actually, they'll be spending time with each other using my PS2 and the internet connection. I'll be in the corner. Eating ham. And deviled eggs.

I'll save you some. Maybe.

Update: My bad, I simply forgot to close a tag. Um...duh.

  1. Blogger jhames | 4/16/06, 6:22 PM |  

    Take your time, Lovey, the site will always be here when you need it. Enjoy your fam and some ham!

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