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The Mice Never Play Because The Cat's Never Away

The Boyfriend and I have never really spent any great deal of time apart. On occasion he'll go visit his family for a few hours; and I'll use the time to visit Mama Gumola, do laundry, and stuff my face full of anything she shoves in front of me or has in the fridge. God knows, my family loves food.

Me: "What's this mysterious package in the back, ma?"
She: "Just heat it, and eat it!"

Last night The Boyfriend decided to spend the evening at his Mom's house. Well, he tried to, anyway. Here's the scene:

6:30pm, my cell phone rings.

He: "Hi honey, what are you doing?"
Me: "Trying to get this PSP firmware update installed. Call me later."

9:30pm, my cell phone rings.

He: "I'm bored."
Me: "Still getting goodies for my new toy. Call me later."

11:30pm, my cell phone rings.

He: "I wanna come home."*
Me: "I'll pay for the cab. Hurry."

It's been almost a year, kids. I still can't sleep without him near me.
"Do not waste this evening, baby I'm begging you.
Your big imagination's playing its tricks on you.
If you think my up and leaving's something I'm gonna do;
Feel my chest when I look at you.
Baby you, you got my only heart."
*(to be fair, i was extra cute. i tucked a note into his overnight bag. it read: "i heart the boyfriend". who'd wanna stay away from that degree of cuteness?)

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