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A Tisket A Tasket, I May Puke In My Own Basket

One of the many reasons I decided to purchase my new toy was because of the lack of support Apple offers for non Windows XP users. I not only wanted to play games; I wanted to watch videos and listen to my cd collection as well. My PC is ancient. Six years old. That's like, 457 in gay years, or some other equally disturbing number. Anyway, my little whirring and beeping box of blinking lights is a six year old Christmas gift from an ex. I like it. It gets me from point A to the internet; and I get to do some freelance ad work on the side. Work which is now lost forever thanks to a fried something-or-other card which has been recently replaced.

My PC runs on Windows ME, (i've heard and lived the horror stories, so save them, please) neither the iTunes store nor the lovely iPod will work on my machine without either:
  • me upgrading to XP
  • me following one of those tech site workaround thingies.
No, and not gonna happen.

I found it quite a relief that all I needed to do was purchase a ten dollar USB/power cable, connect said cable, and boom goes the dynamite. (I know, I know. But you try being witty after a ten hour workday involving screaming children and one single, solitary piece of pizza for sustenance.)

So now I can end this day and begin tomorrow with the likes of New Order, Stereophonics, James Blunt, and John Mayer on something a bit more stylish than my last MP3 player.

I just have to learn to not play a certain video game during the work commute.

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