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Vote Baby, Vote!

It may surprise you to find out that I actually watch some sports programs with The Boyfriend. Stop laughing. Actually, I personally know one of the Cleveland Cavaliers Cheerleaders. No, seriously. Until recently, we worked in the same location. I bought the girls' latest calendar and had my friend get all the girls to sign their respective layouts and presented it to my younger Brother on his birthday. Scantily clad women and big brother Frankie knows them? Hells yes, I was a hit at that straight boy's birthday party.

Anyway, I watch the games to see my aforementioned acquaintance take the floor during timeouts and breaks, The Boyfriend watches to see LeBron James shoot...anything.

The Boyfriend and I were out having a few cocktails earlier and we started discussing just how sexy athletes can be. We got on the subject of the Cleveland Indians (none of whom I personally know, sorry, kids.) And we decided to get you involved.

So please, take a moment and decide: Which of the three listed Major League Baseball teams has the sexiest men?

Team #1: The Cleveland Indians:
Grady Sizemore Cliff Lee Ben Broussard
Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, Ben Broussard

Team #2: The New York Yankees:
Derek Jeter Alex Rodriguez Mike Mussina
Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Mussina

Team #3: Oakland Athletics:
Eric Chavez Barry Zito Mark Kotsay
Eric Chavez, Barry Zito, Mark Kotsay

  1. Anonymous Frankie | 4/14/06, 4:01 AM |  

    Personally, I believe choice three to be the sexiest. I am, of course, basing my decision on looks alone. They're probably all complete fuckwads.

  2. Blogger sam the subversive | 4/14/06, 8:41 AM |  

    There are some pretty hot hockey players, too. Or Aussie rules football. But I have to vote #2.

  3. Blogger jhames | 4/14/06, 10:31 AM |  

    Thank you, Jesus, he finally turned on his comments. Hiya.

    Looking at the teams gives you a sense of what flies for sexy depending on where you live. Or maybe the hometown just creates and cultivates that particular look. The first team looks like they were groomed for an A&F ad, whereas the second is all about men looking like men (VERY NY). The third team makes me think bears cum pretty boys. I have to go with the third team, but only because I like a pretty boy with a bit of scruff.

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