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Desperate Times

Just how the hell did I miss this? I mean, one minute I'm sitting here eating my crinkle cut fries drizzled with ranch dressing (baked in the oven; never fried, kids) and the next I'm trying to dislodge one from the back of my throat due to my "gay giddiness factor" ™. I've been watching Desperate Housewives from the beginning and have missed only a few episodes. I'm no die hard fan of the show, but I am a die hard fan of Marcia Cross. And I love Carol Burnett. The two of them together? I guess I know what I'm doing Sunday evening.

(i know nothing about the gay giddiness factor. i make no claims to the trademark of the phrase nor do i actually know how to factor such a factor. that is all. thank you.)

  1. Anonymous daniel | 4/15/06, 3:36 PM |  

    I hadn't heard about Carol being on either, and I tune in every week!

    This oughta be good!

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