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Olfactory Overload

To say the tenants in my apartment building are a different bunch would be an understatement. This beautiful building houses friends, elderly, retired and not so retired drag queens, young families, and the occasional miscreant with an allergic reaction to antiperspirants, deodorants, colognes, oils, or anything else that might otherwise give an immediate hint of cleanliness to the air when confined in closed spaces.

I'll give you one guess as to which tennant decided to visit the inadequately ventilated laundry room about the same time I did.

It really wasn't all that terrible. At first. Then out of nowhere: bam! I thought the sewer line in the adjacent bathroom exploded. I mistakenly turned toward the location where I thought the stench may have started and to my horror, Mr. Not-so-clean proceeded to rip open his plastic garbage bag full of dirty white laundry.

He seemed rather unphased until he heard me gasping from shock and for air. That may have upset him; he then started waving his dirty unmentionables about, in the way we all snap our jeans prior to drying.

I'm raiding my stash of cologne miniatures and leaving an anonymous present on the dryer next to mine.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/18/06, 11:08 PM |  


    I just knew that if I posted that pic on Flickr, I'd find you. I came across it when I was cleaning out some files the other night. I've missed you so much!!!!!!!



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