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Of Pixels, Purchases and Painkillers

I recently discovered a blown pixel on my PSP. I'd read on a few forums that one or two of the little dead specs are normal; Mr. light-not-so-bright no longer gets to me. What does however, is the oh so almost invisible scratch I spied on the screen a few days ago. No more drinking and playing.

The Boyfriend called me on his way home yesterday and we decided on a few happy hour cocktails. Of course my new toy became the MP3 player of choice to accompany me on my brief walk to our chosen watering hole. Just into beer one, I decide to use aforementioned new toy and scan the area for any wireless networks. (I never said no drinking and posting.)

The glow of the screen caused an already tipsy bar patron to saunter in my general direction. At the same moment, The Boyfriend got a phone call and walked away leaving me completely vunerable to the drunken mess approaching me. He could honestly pass for the revamped Vanilla Ice. He wanted a hug while we were making our goodbyes. Awww. G'bye.

I've been up to my old spending habits again, and I really need to control them. The problem lies in the fact that the store having these incredible discounts is turning into a Macy's and therefor; marking all clearance items to the unnatural, ungodly, unheard of price of $4.98. Four dollars and ninety-eight cents. For Calvin. Donna. Ralph. Michael. I'm not sure how long the sale will last but until it ends my wallet will never be full. What's your inseam? I'll pick you up a nice pair of khakis.

I may have slept on either the sofa or The Boyfriend (we fell asleep watching television, awww) in a funny way the other evening because I've had this terrible pain in my neck and back for about 48 hours. It feels like it may be a pinched nerve. I've suffered this before and it usually goes away after a long hot shower and some serious rest. Makes the workday fun. Imagine me running around looking like a robot, turning constantly from the waist, unable to move my neck. Without a neckbrace to explain the pain; it looks rather idiotic. Thank heaven I don't work tomorrow.

I predict this evening shall include several moments of self medication.

  1. Blogger sam the subversive | 4/20/06, 8:19 AM |  

    Sounds like you need an expert massage.

    I love it when Macy's does sales. Never anything in my size, but damn.

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