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Finger Flickin' Good

It's been a rather lazy day in the neighborhood, kids. The Boyfriend returned home from work to find me napping on the sofa and decided to join me. I've learned to appreciate the value of a good nap; especially those of the snuggling kind. During my on again, off again waking moments I found myself partially watching the following (with obligatory commentary):
  • Blowout: "Bad hair, zero; Jonathan, one million." From the site: "Hair tips from his hairness." Ahem. Please hold your giggling until class is over. Personally, I'm shocked the show's lasted this long. Wait, it's Bravo, no I'm not.
  • Supernatural: I enjoyed Jared and Jensen on two other shows and I'm happy I finally gave this one a chance. Although neither of you boys hold a candle to this man, in my book.
  • Top Chef: Some of you won't be all surprised to find out which chef is my favorite contestant.
The Boyfriend is taking over my bingo calling duties again this evening thanks to the previously mentioned pinched nerve. I guess I could always continue chanel surfing and check out what other poor quality programming my cable dollars are giving me.

On a side note: I've had a few people stop by via my myspace profile. Thanks, and hello! You know who you are.

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