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Marathon Man

I may have previously mentioned that I live right smack dab in the middle of downtown Warren, Ohio. I'm directly across the street from the city's ampitheater and the city shows movies there during the summer months. A few eclectic shops are close by, as is my favorite nightspot. I also live just a few steps away from the Trumbull County Courthouse, located in the (what else?) historic courthouse square. Home also to a beautiful little gazebo.

The gazebo has been one of my favorite little places in the city to just crash and pull out a good book. But I can't do that this week.

This week, while I sit at the bus stop (in front of the courthouse and near the gazebo) watching the chaperoned, shackled prisoners walk across the street from the courthouse to the jail, I get to hear the original good book being read aloud, rather loudly. Microphones, amplifiers, the whole lot. Nonstop.

Is that blood on my earlobe?

  1. Blogger sam the subversive | 5/2/06, 6:09 PM |  

    I wish those religious sickos would keep their perverted behaviors behind closed doors. Have they no decency?!?

  2. Anonymous mike | 5/3/06, 3:54 PM |  

    When I was in college it was fun to get into scriptrue throw-downs with Mad Max, the resident street preacher. Now that they're on every corner at times, it's just boring.

    Oh, and welcome back hoecake. It's been a long time.

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