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YBJ stopped over for a bit this evening, bringing The Boyfriend in tow.

(You know, I feel a bit guilty using acronyms at times. I often assume everyone knows who YBJ is or what LDSA means. Maybe I should start a FrankiePedia or something.)

I wondered aloud a few times throughout the night about what was keeping him at work. The guilty parties were free alcoholic beverages from a previous employer and good company from my brother.

I find my concern for my brother's whereabouts growing at a rapid rate. His company is relocating him to Salt Lake City soon; as a result I try to spend as much time with him as possible. We play around on the internet for a bit, fire up the PSP or PS2, and sometimes I'll torture myself by allowing he and The Boyfriend to watch a sporting event or two.

Sometimes it feels like enough. It feels like Saturday night. It feels, for lack of a better word: fulfilling.

I won't be the same when he's not around.

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