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I Should Be So Lucky

The day began on a sour note; ended a bit happier. The Boyfriend has been quite depressed lately and has spent the past few days tight lipped about exactly what has been bothering him. I already knew, and after a lengthy discussion (and after discussing it with best friend Bradley, aka Rozz Markel...there, I have a reason to include her new promo pic), we've decided to just do it. We've talked about it several times yet we've never made concrete plans. Until tonight.

We're moving.

Just over a month from now, if all goes well, we'll be living in Cleveland.

The Boyfriend was in a peculiar mood when I returned home from work; I suggested a few libations to lighten both our moods. En route to our bar of choice we were stopped by four mutual friends at three different locations. All jumped from their barstools to greet us outside to say hello. This happened within a three block radius, mind you. I found it heartwarming that our friends were inside these establishments and rushed outside to greet us upon seeing us walking by.

I turned to The Boyfriend about a block away from our final destination and reminded him exactly how lucky and loved were really are in this town.

Change is inevitable. My purpose for moving back to this sleepy little gayborhood has been fulfilled. It's now time to move on to something bigger and better.

Time to trade up, if you will.

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