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Stumble, Tumble, Rumble

I thought I would share some wonderful links I have very recently stumbled upon. In no particular order : (Apologies if these are not new to you. I've been gone for a while, in case you forgot. And I'm sure you haven't.)And finally:
  • Keane's new music video is now available for viewing on the band's MySpace site. I find these boys rather dreamy.
I'm working crazy hours until Wednesday, when my vacation begins. Yes, I finally get a week of no work. I'll go bonkers the first few days, but rumor has it the landlord wants to ask me to move to another apartment within the building. Something about having the elderly moving into the building on the first few floors. There are six floors and quite a few seniors reside here. This actually makes sense to me. And my living room ceiling has some serious damage which was never repaired before I moved in, so a new apartment sounds fab.

On a totally unrelated note, a fellow employee gave me some delicious marinated pork tenderloin to cook at home. The Boyfriend and I supped on sesame and ginger marinated goodness. I have a tendency to over cook meats, especially pork, but this turned out beautifully.

I've found myself relaxing and de-stressing quite a bit while cooking lately. I've got another tenderloin thawing in the fridge, this one soaking up sweet hickory sauces. If I get half as relaxed while cooking that one, I'm buying these in bulk.

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