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Everybody's Changing

The obvious Keane post title? The song "Everybody's Changing" reminds me of a beautiful young woman I have had the extreme pleasure of having been part of my life. I can't recall if I have ever, through any incarnation of this journal, written about my friend Andrea. Please forgive me if I have; she's been on my mind a great deal the past few days.

Andrea once met a few friends (myself included) out for a few rounds of both billiards and drinks. Light-hearted at first, a bit more comfortable and somber after just two drinks; she confided in us her extreme unhappiness with her home life. Things were not very good and she appeared quite depressed. We expressed our concerns and offered our hearts and homes. The evening ended on a hopeful, yet sorrow filled note. We felt her pain.

The next time I saw Andrea was at her funeral. She looked so incredibly innocent and beautiful. The first thing I noticed was how her long, golden hair had lost just a touch of it's sheen. I realized she was fading from our lives.

"I will never see her again", I thought.

My boyfriend and now good friend was in front of me, YBJ behind me; his hand on my back, holding me up. I brushed my finger across the sleeve of her gown. I gasped for air as if it were my last breath. Tears running down my face, I turned to her Mother.

With incredible grief in my eyes I told her who I was and about my love for her daughter.

I turned to Andrea for one last look, and said my goodbye.

Everybody is changing. I don't feel the same.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/19/06, 6:11 PM |  

    Hmmm as I read this a tears come to my eyes and I can still remember that day, the feeling, the look.... Head up buddy!!

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