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Andy Was There, Were You?

The first stop of the night, last night, was Tregoning & Company's birthday celebration.

Inside, I found a local gay blogger, a local gay business owner, and a single solitary soup can painting. You can imagine which of the three got most of my attention.

Stop number two was duoHOME, and the place looked lovely as usual. Plenty of people mingling about and checking out the local artists and the talented staff of the store. Witness the pretty:

My next to last stop of the evening was Room Service, which was jam packed with pretty people and things. I didn't know where to look first. Floor to ceiling gorgeousness. And greeting every guest were these lovely morsels:

And last but not least, I ended my evening at Luxe Kitchen and Lounge with a lavender infused vodka lemonade.

Rumor has it a cheese plate for two was involved. And it was absolutely delicious.

  1. Anonymous scott | 7/9/08, 2:48 AM |  

    What, no Ribs and Fries?


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