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Spring Fling

A few days after our dining room ceiling was replaced, David decided to do a little furniture rearranging; which ultimately led to carpet shampooing, and eventually my worst nightmare was suggested: cleaning out the closets.

Let us not forget I literally use one of the spare bedrooms as a closet.
He: "You know, you really should just go through all of it and throw out what you don't wear. Or give it away."
Me: "I know, but when it comes to clothing, I get separation anxiety. I mean, no one will love this Todd Oldham snakeskin print t-shirt like I do."
He: "When was the last time you actually wore that?"
Me: "1993. ish."
He: "I'll just bag up some stuff while you're at work tomorrow. You can approve the donations when you get home."
Me: "Touch my Todd I'll take a baseball bat to your bobblehead collection."
Sometimes, I just have to remember to speak his language.

  1. Blogger Chris Collins | 6/17/08, 7:07 PM |  

    maybe, you actually need to wear that whatever-it-is, and look at yourself in the mirror.

  2. Blogger jhames | 6/18/08, 9:49 AM |  

    Tell him that you'll make a section in your closet for clothes you wish to be buried/cremated in. I've already made that provision with my Prada.

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