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Blinded By The White

I got home from work yesterday afternoon to find my entire dining room ceiling missing, and everything I own (and I mean everything) covered in a layer of white dust.

Obviously, the maintenance man decided putting plastic over the doorways to the other rooms of the apartment would be a bad idea.

Personally, I believe he chose the wrong profession.

I also believe my landlord found the nearest barrel, scraped the bottom of it with his hands, and said those magic words, "You're hired!"

The sight of my apartment in such a state of disarray caused me to scream. A lot. Which caused everyone to pack up and disappear from my immediate line of sight. Cowering in corners or running for the border...my vision was too blurry at the time for me to correctly recollect the immediate exit of the construction creeps in question.

I'm currently sitting at a local java joint calmly sipping a cup of coffee, praying that I find not one single soul at that apartment when I decide to return home for the evening.

And I am so over white.

  1. Blogger yllwdaisies (aka "D") | 6/4/08, 10:57 AM |  

    Is Miso-kitty ok? All that dust can't be good for her.

  2. Blogger Frankie | 6/4/08, 11:18 AM |  

    She is, Dollface. Thanks for asking. I made sure to lock her (and everything she needed) away in the spare bedroom before I left for the day.

    I think the noise (while they were cutting away the ceiling) frightened her a bit. I say this because she stayed hidden a few hours after I got home.

    My screaming probably didn't help her fears. Har.

  3. Blogger Jeff | 6/4/08, 1:18 PM |  

    "Christina! Bring me the axe!"

    I find screaming that often makes me feel better. Just saying.

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