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Twenty Three

Just in case you were wondering if I was one of those idiots who waited in line for over an hour for one of those 23-cent pizzas from Papa John's yesterday: Yes. Yes I was. And I was joined by a few friends: David, my boss, and her two children.

At first I thought there was no way in hell I would stand in 50 degree weather for so long for something I could just as easily order and have delivered within half an hour.

But then my boss said something that got me thinking: "This is history! It'll be fun! I've waited in line for hours just to ride a roller coaster for less than a minute!"

And once again, she was right. It was fun. It was part of something that we Clevelanders will never forget. And you know what? It was the best damn pizza I've had in ages.

The whole "cheap eats" thing got me thinking at work today.

I can be a thrifty mofo when I need to be. I constantly nag David to turn off lights when he leaves a room, turn off the television if he's not watching (he adores "background noise"), or to shut down the laptop when he's done checking his baseball, basketball, whatever-ball-season-it-is scores online.

I'm reminded of a story from my childhood. Don't roll your eyes at me, this is actually cute.

My Dad taught us a lesson as kids, we went an entire month without using electricity. No lights at night, no television at all, kerosene lamps and candles surrounding us at dinner time.

The total electric bill for that month of conservation was $6.00. Six bucks for a family of six. We each averaged about three cents of electrical usage a day.

I remember staring at that statement in bewilderment.

And then I felt a rush of relief as I realized that for the first time in thirty days it would be OK to poop with the bathroom light on.

  1. Blogger jhames | 5/10/08, 10:24 AM |  

    Wow, that is actually a cool promotion! I wonder if i could have finagled two toppings if I requested a pizza without cheese?

    I love how your family experimented with not using electricity. In my family, our experiment was a result of not paying the utility bills.

  2. Blogger thatgirl | 5/13/08, 1:34 PM |  

    i'm one of those people who turns everything off all the time as well.

    glad to hear the pizza was good and worth the wait.

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