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A Fading Grace

I've noticed two odd and irritating imperfections about myself over the past month or so; I seem to be forgetting small, yet nonetheless important tasks at work, and I've become quite the klutz at home.

I chalk the forgetfulness up to trying to squeeze too many tasks into my allotted work schedule (and not writing down important details...I love a good 'to do' list); however the klutzy behavior remains unexplained.

I wouldn't be so irritated about the occasional falter if I hadn't already gone through a phase of this sort of thing in my twenties. I hated it then, worked to eliminate it, and until recently, did so successfully.

I take pride in being able to maneuver around an unbelievably affectionate Miso Kitty while balancing dinner in both hands. I can climb the stairs to my third floor apartment with three loads of laundry under my arms, the mail perched on top, keys dangling from my fingertips, all the while keeping a steady pace and leaping around anything in my way. (My neighbors have children and those children have carelessly cared for toys, enough said.)

But lately, it's all...falling up the stairs. Or tripping over slightly misplaced runners haphazardly placed near the front door. Or reaching for a two-for-one bottle of Febreze on a store shelf and watching every other package except the one I grabbed fall to the floor. (Sorry, super sweet customer service clerk!)

My bad.

My recent bout of the oopsies could be caused by a number of things; Lord knows I have a ton of crap on my mind and a good therapy session certainly couldn't hurt.

It's frustrating having space such as this to vent, yet not be able to do just that. So for now, I'm going shopping for a helmet and some shin guards.

If you see me around wearing this season's must-not-have accessories, don't laugh. The noise will probably startle me enough to cause a tumble.

Up the stairs, no doubt.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/2/08, 11:02 PM |  

    all I have to say is
    Frankie says "RELAX!"

  2. Anonymous daniel | 5/3/08, 5:36 AM |  

    LOL - i have gotten clumsy too, so i feel the pain... hopefully it passes for you

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