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Party Pack

My boss was able to score tickets to an upcoming Indians game for a friend, and that prompted the following conversation:
    David: "Wow. Did you know there's a Party Deck available for $65 a person? ($50 for groups of 25 or more.) All you can eat until an hour after the game starts."
    Frankie: "Man. Imagine our families partaking of such a pleasure. Hell, my brothers alone would wipe out the wing inventory."
    David: "They don't eat that much."
    Frankie: "Have you forgotten the Christmas Ham Massacre of 2005?"
    David: "Oh dear God. Who knew YBJ was so quick? I mean, I looked away for two seconds!"
    Frankie: "Now you know why I eat in the family room during our visits."
In all fairness, I've been known to shove the snack food down my gullet a time or two.

I just make sure to do it when no one is looking.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/11/08, 10:42 PM |  

    really happened
    frankie: "you can get david and me tickets if you want."
    boss:"yeah, right!"
    shoulda happened
    frankie:"you can get david and me tickets if you want."
    boss:"i'll try!"
    i will try buddy

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