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Women In Glasses And Men With Movie Passes

Friday afternoon, David showed up at my place of employment wearing a huge smile and holding a large velvet, star-embossed silver gift bag. Inside was a lovely card with a heartfelt message, some incense I've been meaning to pick up, and the final season (parts one and two) of that show that's now a movie. The one everyone is sick of hearing about even though it's been off the air for four years? That one.

Inside part two of the DVD set was a coupon good for one free admission to the SATC movie. We decided yesterday afternoon would be a good time to hit the theater; and just after I got home and changed (and properly thanked David for my giving me exactly what I wanted by giving him what he wanted), we headed out the door.

We got to the theater and I noticed small "NP/CR" notices everywhere. I politely asked the woman behind the counter, who was sporting fabulous spectacles, if my "coupon" was the same thing as a Movie Pass. I was happy to pay to see the movie, but I thought asking couldn't hurt.

The woman smiled at both David and I, adjusted her glasses, and quickly comped our seats. Both of them.

So we returned the favor and bought one of everything from the concession stand. And if I ever see another Goober, Raisinette, or five gallon drum of Pepsi, I will be ill.

And if I ever see Michael Patrick King, I will thank him for giving me exactly what I wanted in a movie.

Here's hoping that one day every love story will have a happy ending.

  1. Blogger yllwdaisies (aka "D") | 6/10/08, 10:44 AM |  

    Augh! Can't believe I still haven't seen the movie yet! What's wrong w/ me?

    And was yest your b-day? It was my bff's bday too!

    If it was, Happy Belated to ya.

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