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When Tomorrow Comes

One of the many items I have been enjoying here at Spa Mama (Seriously. I had a facial this morning.) is this nifty little drink. I'm not exactly sure why my Mother would have such an item, and in bulk, no less.

Who am I to argue it?

Yesterday was quite chaotic. I actually helped out with the yard work. I know, I know. Hold your gasping, I was wearing elbow length gloves and fashionable sandles.

OK, the gloves weren't elbow length. But still, I was raking the lawn. It was only funny because there were four of us trying to get everything cleaned up before the tornado hit.

The tornado never arrived, but the weather was nonetheless frightening; I felt like Helen Hunt in Twister.

We return home tomorrow afternoon and I've decided on a project for myself: W.O.W.

Week Of WiFi. I plan on posting using only my PSP for about a week. It should be interesting, and it will most certainly try my patience.

And after a few days of baby sitting my nephew I have that in spades.

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