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Montana Mania

It's a good thing I'm not working downtown tonight.

Some tips for surviving tonight's event (which I would have seriously taken my nieces to, had I been able to get my hands on four tickets) from Kentucky.com:
    "Who's performing -

    This is a little tricky. You have three boys and three incarnations of one girl to keep up with:

    The boys: The concert's opening act is the Jonas Brothers -- Kevin, Joe and Nick. The dark-haired dreamboats have appeared on a few episodes of Hannah Montana and are heard regularly on Radio Disney with hits like S.O.S., Hold On and Goodnight and Goodbye.

    The girls: The real girl is Miley Cyrus. On TV, the young actress-singer plays Miley Stewart, who in turn has a pop-singer alter ego named Hannah Montana. Only Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana will be at the concert, we think.

    Hannah will perform first, before Miley. Expect her popular, high-energy songs: If We Were a Movie, Nobody's Perfect, Pumpin' Up the Party, I Got Nerve, We Got the Party (with Jonas Brothers).

    After a brief intermission, shedding the blond wig and singing in what some reviewers call a deeper, less pop-tart voice, Miley will take the stage. While Miley performs the hits Best of Both Worlds and Ready, Set, Don't Go, many of her songs will be less familiar to those who know her mainly from the TV show. These include Start All Over, Good and Broken and Clear."
The funny thing is I totally already know all of this. I am so gay. Or just a really cool uncle.

But not cool enough to get tickets.

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