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The Gift

I've been driving myself insane looking for a camera to get David for Christmas. Honestly, it was the only gift he requested. I don't didn't have much to spend (which is a polite way of saying I was trying to be thrifty...hello, budget) and have spent the past month furiously pouring over Sunday paper circulars searching for the perfect camera for my little shutterbug-wannabe.

Digital photos are wonderful, but David enjoys gazing upon his works in paper form; he's also a huge fan of photo albums.

Imagine the look of joy on my face this morning when I spied (with my huge caramel colored eyes) a cute little camera and a photo printer package; on sale, half off.

Half. Off.


I called the camera shop and spoke with a very knowledgeable young man (we'll call Steve, because that was his name) and asked a million questions, all of which were answered politely, professionally, and with nary an "Oh God, a digital newbie" overtone.

Steve held the package for me until I could pick it up this afternoon. Which was a blessing because shortly after my call, the shop sold out of the camera/printer package.

Of course I could barely contain my excitement and gave David the gift just a few hours ago.

I give you our first test run, click a photo for the full size.

Oh yes, there will be $BLING$.

Fake fir, angled.

Anything to make him smile.

  1. Blogger cheapblueguitar | 12/16/07, 6:58 PM |  

    Awesome. Cute pics.

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