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Time After Time

I was about to leave work last night when David called asking if I'd like to meet him out for a drink. We don't have impromptu date nights often enough, so of course I said yes. Half an hour later I found myself nearly running across the street to meet my man at the destination of choice.

I needed something to warm from within. Say hello to drink number one: Johnnie Walker, Red Label. Drinks two, three, four, and so on consisted of Red Bull, vodka, orange slices, and some shot consisting of Godiva liqueur and pudding.

Alcoholic pudding. Nothing but class when I'm out having fun, kids.

The highlight of the night was getting an early Christmas present. David knows my love for all things silver, and how I adore every shade of blue. Together they make the perfect gift:
    "I couldn't find an exact replica of the watch you lost during our move, but I hope you like this one."
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make me cry in a crowded bar.

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