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Frankie 2.0

Newsflash: I'm a Junior. Today is Frank Senior's birthday. I'm going to call my Dad later; after I finish grocery shopping which will take place after I've finished my wifi mooching, java swilling lazy morning. And I have no idea when that will end because I'm enjoying myself a bit much right now.

Some items of interest I will undoubtedly utter in hopes of lightening the ever present (yet dwindling) tension between the two of us:
    "Hey, remember that time you tried to get me to play on a little league baseball team? Remember how I ran the bases? Crying? Giving you the finger the whole time? Yeah, memories."

    "That one and only time we went fishing and I screamed like a bitch when I saw what we had to do to the worms? Awesome."

    "How about when you forced me to go on that Boy Scouts camping trip? I froze my ass off, broke a toe, and almost got mauled by a bear, love ya!"
Luckily, my Dad's sense of humor is about as warped as mine.

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