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Fun With Fir

Like any happily-not-quite-married couple, David and I appreciate time away from one another.

Time to spend with our families, time alone in a cozy coffee shop corner with the laptop or a good book - or in my case, time alone this weekend with holiday decorations.

Ah, the Christmas tree; my weekend project. David will return from his brief family visit to witness the tree perfectly positioned to the right of the fireplace; ornaments and lights covering every single branch. Glass, glitter, silver and gold in every nook and cranny of the fabulous fake fir.

The toy train will be rounding the base and at regular intervals shall emit a whoo-whoo and a quiet puff of smoke.

After I finish my masterpiece, I’ll enjoy a nice cup of tea while basking in the glow of blue, gold, green, and red twinkling lights. My ears will enjoy the soft soothing sounds of Ultra Lounge’s Christmas Cocktails and after a few minutes of taking it all in, I may even croon along with Kay about waitin’ for the man with the bag.

Until, of course Miso Kitty decides she misses her Daddy and like last year, clumsily climbs throughout the tree mistaking it for her carpeted kitty palace knocking down (and breaking) valuable keepsakes. If this happens she’ll inevitably derail the train and offer pieces of the locomotive set as peace offerings by dropping them at my feet and more than likely I’ll eventually find the caboose buried in her litter box.

Exactly how cruel is it to chain a cat to a radiator for 48 hours? Just asking.

  1. Anonymous daniel | 11/17/07, 3:58 AM |  

    just 48 hours? no too bad.. heh

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