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Burn Kitty, Burn

Miso has suddenly developed a strange attraction to the stove. The top of the stove, to be exact. I can only attribute it to one thing; I've switched kitchen cleaning products to an orange oil based cleaner. She sniffs around the stove top for a bit and I find her pawing at the burners (they're off) and I've had to relight the pilot lights on the left side on more than one occasion since she started this peculiar habit.

I've thought about the fact that there night be a mouse on the loose, but so far I hear nothing and I haven't seen any of the little critters since last winter.

If she's simply honing her natural mad hunting skills, well then, yay. Otherwise the little dear is just going to drive me insane. I'd hate myself if I knew I was reprimanding her for natural behavior.

I mean, it's really difficult to be angry at this beautiful creature:

  1. Anonymous Mikey | 12/22/07, 8:41 PM |  

    "...it's really difficult to be angry at this beautiful creature."

    It shouldn't be. She's a cat. Nothing more than a serpent covered in fur. Horrors. End of sentiment.

  2. Blogger Frankie | 12/23/07, 8:51 PM |  


    Hater! :P

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