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Out Of Touch

Things are improving on the home front a bit, my Stepfather has been eating more and is completely coherent and just as (if not a tad bit more) grouchy as ever.

I've been putting in a few more hours at work and it's been helping my mind wander from the situation.

I know I can't sit around and constantly think about it, but some days the constant reminding myself to not think about it is just as bad. Kind of difficult to let it go completely.

I'm still working on getting my long lost friend from Pittsburgh to Cleveland and I've recently heard from another long lost friend, this one on another continent entirely. (Yeah, him.)

More distractions.

Exactly what I need right now.

  1. Blogger jhames | 3/12/08, 11:17 PM |  

    But honey, what magic you create when you need a distraction. Love the new look of your site!

    He's back? Huh.

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