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Escape From University Circle

My Mom phoned rather early Friday morning (6am-ish) a hint of agitation and fear in her voice. I calmed her nerves, called my employer, and took a personal day to be with my family.

I've always had the stereotypical fear of hospitals, and the sad state of certain sections of the VA Hospital (a great deal of renovating and remodeling is taking place) makes me want to just break down and cry if I'm inside any longer than a few minutes at a time.

A few talks to the doctor concerning certain pain killers and the effects they seem to be having on my Stepfather's motor skills ("Hi. Should he be drooling like that?") were certainly in order.

I feel as though I'm doing nothing. And it's taking everything I have to do it.

David and I left and I decided I needed to laugh about something, anything. And quickly.

So we stopped at the only place I could think of where I could get a good chuckle at 4pm on a Friday without spending a penny: hello, Marc Norton. If you live in Cleveland, I need to explain nothing. For those of you outside the local television viewing area, or unfamiliar with absolutely insane late night local television commercials; welcome to Marc's world.

David and I both started feeling better immediately upon entering the store. Freakishly larger than life props greeted us around every turn until we were asked if we'd like to meet Marc.
    "YES. I need to meet the man responsible for all of this insanity."
(click for full size)

After thanking Marc for his time, David and I continued on our merry way; but not before getting a few gifts from Marc, in t-shirt form.

A much needed escape from reality. Thanks, Marc.

  1. Anonymous daniel | 2/17/08, 2:13 AM |  

    frankie, you look gorgeous as usual... ;)

  2. Blogger Frankie | 2/18/08, 1:23 AM |  

    Thanks, D! I needed that! :)

  3. Anonymous Neil | 2/20/08, 5:08 PM |  

    You have great skin and he looks like he is sporting a great bonner!! ha

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