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In Focus

I rushed out the door this morning forgetting a few things I wanted to take along to the hospital. I knew I'd be early; I managed to remember my PSP but forgot to pack the camera. I could kick myself for forgetting.

The bus took me through an area of the city I hadn't seen in years. I finally found out exactly where Norton Furniture is located, which brought a smile to my face.

The lobby of the hospital provided some interesting vantage points for what could have been some great photos.

I was making my way to the walkway from the hospital to the parking garage when I saw my Mom and StepFather rushing towards me. Another photo op missed, crap.

The one thing I wished I could have gotten pixel proof of, was the smile on my Mom's face when we saw my StepDad walking with his new artificial leg.

It's been three years since we all smiled like that.

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