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Deserts, Rain, Etc.

David has gone back to Warren to spend a few days with his family and I couldn't be happier.

Don't get the wrong idea; I miss him terribly. Especially when I'm tossing about in bed wondering where that extra warmth has gone. Miso Kitty is cuddly and all, but she's got some middle of the night commitment issues.

David and I are never apart for very long. He usually leaves for work at about six or seven and I head to my job a few hours later. He's home when I get home from work and this cold snap leaves little desire for either one of us to make plans to leave our warm apartment.

So, for the past few months it's been quite a boring routine: get up for work, return home from work, how was your day, I want to play on the internet/my video game/ohmygod leave me alone for a few hours you sonofabitch.

Of course I've embellished a bit.

I appreciate my alone time. He'll return home on Wednesday evening to a clean apartment, clean laundry (including his cute underwear), a special dinner I've perfected (thanks to cooking it a few times at work), and a nice Valentine's Day surprise.

The surprise, of course, will be ruined if he reads this while he's home. Which I doubt will happen because he's got about a million people to see in four days.

Here's hoping he forgets about the internet during family time.

Lord knows I do.

  1. Blogger cheapblueguitar | 2/11/08, 7:43 PM |  

    I wanna have dinner at your house.

    Cute undies too!

  2. Blogger Frankie | 2/11/08, 9:00 PM |  

    Seriously! My OM tenderloin flies from the place! Well, not really...but it's a HUGE hit! I'm just happy I learned how to make marmalade. The key? Patience. Watching that pot of sugar and citrus is boring!

  3. Blogger yllwdaisies (aka "D") | 2/12/08, 10:13 PM |  

    How cool is that recipe! I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer, & I think I'll use the recipe when I cook it. Thanks.

  4. Blogger jhames | 2/12/08, 10:17 PM |  

    Could you be any more the awesome bf? Methinks not.

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