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My Mama Told Me, You Better Work

I don't like confrontation. I don't like to argue.

This is quite apparent when viewing my MetaFilter history (If you know anything about MeFi you know how members adore arguing points with one another). I leave the occasional witty or in-joke comment; for the most part I'm a lurker and link explorer. I bring MeFi into this as a visual example.

Applying this to my real life experiences, one can presume I simply sit back and take things in; nary a phrase of disagreement ever escaping my lips.

This is not the case.

I got into a full blown knock down "why the fuck are we arguing about this" conversation with my boss just prior to leaving work today.

I walked home feeling irritated, under appreciated, and above all, misunderstood.

I called my boss at home not more that ten minutes ago to straighten things out:
    "I find myself defending what I do and why I do it to those who inquire about my employment. My sole response? You. You keep me where I am and loving what I do. I hate these trivial misunderstandings and I despise the fact that I have to begin my weekend feeling this way. I love our relationship and I love you. Besides, Mama Gumola thinks highly of you...and Mama G has yet to be wrong."
There's more background to the story; I'm not willing to indulge just how much she's been there, but my boss has come through for me in the past year more than anyone I can think of. She has become more than my boss, she's become a confidant, a friend. My first real friend in Cleveland.

I'm looking forward to Monday morning.

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