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Sneaky Sunday

    "The phrase "Sneaky Sunday" came from a good friend who would frequently head out to the bars for a few drinks on a Sunday, often just to watch some football, and the next thing you know he was shutting down the place and taking down numbers. When asked about the night, he’d simply say it was a "sneaky” Sunday. We liked the saying so much that we started using it for everything that was "sneaky”--a restaurant that nobody knew about, an unexpectedly fun night, or even a girl at work who was "sneaky" hot. It quickly became an everyday part of our vocabulary and any night other than Friday or Saturday could become "sneaky" when it involved any social activity."
Sneaky Sunday has a link for Cleveland, although no content for our fair city is listed just yet. Maybe some of us should send them some of our recommendations?

(I for one would be more than happy to check out a few bars and hidden gems. For the sake of research, of course.)

  1. Anonymous Chris Tuff | 8/22/07, 4:34 PM |  

    Frank, feel free to email us your top picks! We'd love to incorporate them into the website. Thanks for blogging about us!

    Chris Tuff
    Sneaky Sunday

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