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When my downstairs neighbor thinks I've been in the shower too long during my morning pre-work scrub and dash, and would like some of the hot water for himself; he bangs on the radiator pipes.

I return the favor by stomping across my floor (in my big girl shoes) when I find his music is being played a little too loud.

When I check my mail and am greeted by my neighbors nary a word is spoken among us. We smile, nod, all the while thinking to ourselves: "Oh, you're the bitch who sleeps through her alarm clock for hours on end."

I do, anyway.

The eye roll I get from my boss upon my arrival lets me know just what kind of mood her boss is in, speaking volumes about the hours she's already spent dealing with mundane details she'd rather not discuss.

The first full conversation I've had today was with Mama Gumola, who is spending some quality time in a southern state with my brother and his family.

It's a nice change of pace.

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  1. Anonymous Neil | 8/13/07, 5:51 PM |  

    I always run back in the house when i see my neighbour, hes a drunk.

  2. Anonymous daniel | 8/16/07, 1:44 AM |  

    *hates neighbors*

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