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I can be a tad territorial. I've got a bowl he's not permitted to use, a latte mug he wouldn't dare touch, and a rooster sculpture that must face an open window at all times. That last one? Don't. Move. It. (And don't ask me about it.)

My Boss knows and loves this about me.

I walked into work and immediately noticed that one of the refrigeration units was missing. Until I got to the kitchen. My kitchen.

There it was. Everywhere. Doors off the hinges, stacked not so neatly near the six burner gas oven. My cutting table was covered in greasy machine parts and something resembling a dismantled automobile engine took up most of the floor space.

The expression on my face is one my boss has never seen before. That's exactly what she said, "Wow. I've never seen that look on you until now."

I calmly prepared my morning latte and slowly made my way back into what I was now calling "Le Garage".

I loudly wished for the mess to be a bit less messy by the time I reached for an apron and a fourteen inch blade.

I grinned a "Here's Frankie!" smile and held the knife above my head.

I think Mr. Fixit got the hint. He spent the remainder of his time repairing the unit outside, in the on again, off again rain.

My tilapia tasted especially delicious today.

Maybe it was the extra metal shavings.

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