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Stop, I Been Thinking Of You

Let me start this entry by writing "I love my job."

It's true, I really do. I also love my coworkers. The most interesting group of people I've ever had the pleasure of keeping "9 to 5" company. I can't get through a single work day without laughing and feeling good about myself and what I do. My employer and coworkers are just that cool.

But laughs and good feelings aren't enough for me to keep a "Moving back to Chicago ASAP" fund. And since our return from David's birthday celebration, I've thought of not much else.

A second job is simply out of the question. I'm still burned out from the last six months of that noise. Up at six, home by three, shower and shave, out the door again by four only to return home after midnight.

I can't do it again.

The jobs I do have qualifications for are just outside the city limits and since I have no car; employers in this city seem to file my cover letters under "junk mail".

I've updated my online resume accounts and as a kick, decided to expand the job search to include Chicago. Two days later my voicemail box was filled with various interested parties ranging from interior designers to furniture manufacturers.

Were any of those messages from Cleveland employers?

That would be a "No". Not a single one.

I'm lucky to be working. I'm lucky to be working full time and with insurance coverage. I'm fortunate to have such a wonderful employer, and to be working so close to home.

This is what I've been doing lately. I've been coming home, perusing the job market, and applying for anything I can get, if it will pay enough to get me out of here.

And it's like talking to a brick wall.

So for now, love is keeping us together, until ultimately, it tears us apart.

  1. Anonymous Tom | 9/1/07, 8:12 PM |  

    I know you both will find fantastic jobs in Chicago and get you both back to the city where you truly feel at home.

    Best of luck in the job search. I know it's rough out there right now, but you'll find something...you'll see. :)

  2. Blogger Frankie | 9/1/07, 9:45 PM |  

    Thanks, Tom. I needed that. :)

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