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G.A.Y. = G.A.M.A.

By the time I attend the Growing Alternative Youth twenty year reunion in Pittsburgh next Fall, I will be forty and no longer a Growing Alternative Youth, but a Growing Alternative Middle-Ager.

Finding the friend request in my MySpace inbox was, to say the least, amazing. I haven't seen many of these peeps since I was twenty-ish, and I'm very much looking forward to spending some time catching up with them.

Some of us have already reconnected (Cyrus found me here on Blogger a while back; he keeps his own weblog as well), and thanks to this planned reunion I've found friends and acquaintances I never thought I'd see again.

I won't attend my High School Reunions. Every five years I get invited and I politely decline. This is better. This is a chance to reconnect with people who helped me find a special place of belonging, a place where I could be me; albeit the twenty year old version of me.

Even though I've been through so much, and have changed in ways I could I never imagine, that late-eighties goth boy is still a part of who I am today.

And that is something this soon to be middle-ager will never grow out of.

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  1. Blogger Cyrus | 8/27/07, 6:59 AM |  

    I feel EXACTLY the same way! Romy and Michelle's Big Gay Reunion - it's on, gurl! Do you think we can rent Zack's for the night?

  2. Blogger Jason | 9/4/07, 3:13 PM |  

    What an amazing time that was...can't wait til the reunion!

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