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Electro No No

I'm not exactly sure what is going on with my electronic toys lately, but one after the other, they seem to be on strike.

It started with my PSP. Last night David announced a trucker's itinerary was being patched through the stereo while he was listening to the Indians game. This morning the microwave refused to heat my coffee. This afternoon my phone made noises I've never heard.

And when I got home from work this evening, Firefox once again decided to not load the default profile. You know, the one housing all of my bookmarks, cookies, extensions, and personal settings.

If my television suddenly gets nothing but static and swallows me into another worldly plane this evening, I'm texting you for help.

  1. Anonymous Mikey | 9/16/07, 10:13 AM |  

    Either you're being haunted by someone who is interfering with your electromagnetic fields or all of your warranties expired on the same day.

  2. Blogger yllwdaisies | 9/17/07, 9:18 AM |  

    Have your appliances been talking to mine? B/c this weekend, the coffee maker exploded on BOTH Mr. T & I (we tried to make it work several times).

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