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No Beer? How Queer!

Just a small sampling of photos from last night's festivities. View these and others full size at my Flickr page.

And now about the event itself.

I've never been to The Q until last night, and for several reasons. A few being I just don't get into sporting events, hate large crowds, and can't imagine paying out the ass for a draft beer. By the way, there was no beer to be found last night, last night's event being a college basketball game. No bother, Yinpu beforehand hit the spot.

I did manage to get some great shots of David and I posing throughout the arena, including one shot of us just a few feet away from the court, the media setting up behind us. My phone's software is acting up right now, I'll try posting those again later.

I walked down to the floor level seats and explained to the usher that I'd never been to The Q and she immediately offered to take me courtside, take a photo of David and I, and allowed me to harass the press about pretending to harass me. (No more photos! Please! I'm incognito!)

You had to be there to get the joke. The joke being that I accidentally walked in the wrong door when we got there. The media entrance. Security nabbed me, and fast.

Profusely exclaiming one's web celeb status does nothing in this type of situation. Just so you know. Neither does claiming to be one of the player's MySpace friends. Hmmph. Who knew?

The lovely lady sitting to my right decided to accessorize with the largest fanny pack I have ever seen. In teal. Very bright teal.

The experience itself was a memorable one. Lots of lesbians, live television coverage, and it all began with a minute or so of total silence prior to singing the national anthem.

That's when I belched loud enough for 20,000 people to hear.

Cherry soda, thanks for asking.

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