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Ice Capade

Mother Nature decided to turn the city of Cleveland into a block of ice this morning. By late afternoon I was actually able to navigate my way to Starbucks so I could grab a much needed macchiato. I almost landed on my behind a total of four times.

One of the "Frankie vs Icy Pavement" moments took place two feet away from the entrance of my destination. I could see the hot foamy beverage fading from my mind as I wildly flailed my arms trying to regain both my balance, and my composure.

I muttered (to what I thought was myself): "Oh come ON! I'm going to crack open my skull trying to get a caffeine fix."

This was suddenly followed by laughter and a firm hand pressing against the middle of my back.

I don't know who you are, but thank you kind stranger for stopping my rump from hitting the wet pavement.

The lesson to be learned here? Coach footwear is indeed stylish; just not practical in sub-zero temperatures.

  1. Blogger eurorebs | 2/25/07, 6:51 PM |  

    I was laughing out loud at this post. Thank you!! :)

    (I found you via Carmi)

  2. Blogger Carmi | 2/25/07, 7:04 PM |  

    Hiya Frankie. [Looking up....hi Eurorebs...good on ya for finding Frankie's site!]

    I so hear you about the weather. I was carting little people around to playdates in the middle of this mess. On our side of Lake Erie, we had frozen rain virtually all day. I put on m ugly, ginormous boots and stepped carefully wherever I went. Even then, it was dicey going.

    How cool that a kind stranger was there to help. Adversity breeds some inspirational things, sometimes.

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