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Transit Troubles

I am completely and utterly exhausted. I can barely lift the vino to my lips. I'm also completely and utterly irritated with the public transit in this city. Working eleven hours with no break (save the hour between jobs to get from one to the other since I technically work for two companies at two locations) doesn't bother me as much as waiting for a regularly late, regularly no seats available, regularly noisy (even at ten-thirty p.m.) bus.

I have never, even while living in Chicago and riding the elevated train (El, for short) daily, felt as uncomfortable as I do riding public transit in Cleveland.

Patrons are generally loud ("...and I told him to FUCK OFF!": that's acceptable public vocabulary), rude (you paid for one seat, dear), or otherwise too preoccupied with something or someone to notice me trying to squeeze my size thin past them to exit the madness known as the 326.

Unlike these patrons; I have manners and a bit of decorum.

I hold it all in until I can get home to take it out on the unsuspecting boyfriend and cat. Writing it down here helps a bit as well.

But just once, just once I'd like to be the one with a cell phone strapped to my ear, groceries taking up three seats, all the while a bit of Beethoven blaring from my ear buds.

On second thought, the Beethoven bit would just get me beat up.

  1. Blogger BriteYellowGun | 2/22/07, 7:39 PM |  

    You mean you don't enjoy eavesdropping on the inane conversations going on around you? I became very adept at that back in the day when I rode the 51X. Elderly people galore! Yeah, Cleveland public transport is the pits.

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