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The Fab Four

You may recall me mentioning how much I enjoy a nice glass bottle of wine after a particularly exhausting day. Today, of course, has been one of those days. The snow piled up in the courtyard last night, and I found myself trudging through waist high piles of the stuff this morning. Getting to work was no easy task. Getting home is always much more enjoyable when I know I can look forward to unwinding with one of these wines. Working at an establishment known for their selection (Don't see it? We'll get it.) has it's perks. Listed below are four wines you will find on my wine rack any time you stop by. Fancy a glass? Help yourself. Just let the Madiran breathe a bit.

Ah, good old Crane Lake. The cheap stuff. At $3.99 a bottle, the price can't be beat. I especially adore the Sangiovese.

Next up, Vampire wine. I found this at a local corner market. I wasn't aware I could buy it from my employer until I asked. Buying by the case saves me ten percent. Price per bottle: $7-8.99.

Number three on the list is a wonderful French wine: Domaine de la Royere. I love the way this wine tastes, and feels in my mouth. I know that sounds strange; but my taste buds dance with every sip. Average price: $8.99 a bottle. Unless you find a 2001. I paid a bit more for one of those. (I've been told that 2001 was a tough year for French wines. Something about too much heat.)

And finally, my absolute all time, nothing will ever change my mind, thank something above I found you: Heart of Darkness, Madiran.

I discovered this wine in Chicago circa 1996ish (thanks, Jeff!) and have been drinking it since. This wine NEEDS to breathe for about 45 minutes. It packs quite a punch. A wonderful writeup can be found here. The color is nothing short of brilliant. Boony Doon Vineyards brings us this delicious treat, and for a mere $14.99 a bottle. More on Ralph Steadman, the man behind the label can be found here.

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