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The List From A to Z

From Wikipedia:"In popular culture, the term SWAG stands for "Stuff We All Get". Swag usually refers to promotional items or gifts that are given away by companies or organizations, often at trade shows, festivals, conferences, or gala events. Swag at a smaller-scale event may include t-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, mugs, or mousepads with a company logo or slogan."

A few weeks ago I dropped a line to Bolthouse Farms to let them know how much I enjoyed their products; specifically the juices and smoothies the company produces. In turn I got a lovely email thanking me for my support and the promise of a snug fitting little gift: a Bolthouse Farms t-shirt. (I have yet to see said shirt, but it's only been two weeks. My skanky neighbors may have stolen it from my doorstep...we'll see.)

This got me thinking. I wonder if I can go through the alphabet and email twenty six different companies (affordable products I actually consume or use almost daily) and get twenty six free items from them?

I'll finish the list and fire off the emails tomorrow. I'll keep you posted as the responses (if any) roll in.

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