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Mop It Up, I'll Take It

Apparently floor cleaner makes me horny.

I know. I'll give you a minute to laugh at that statement and let it sink in before we continue.

(Jeopardy music playing...done? Good.)

Lately I seem to be paying special attention to the scents of my surroundings. My latest, (and currently favorite) Fall fragrance drives me wild each and every time I spritz it on my person.

My morning walk has been interrupted to the point where I must depart from my apartment a few minutes early each workday morning so that I have enough time to stand at the water's edge and inhale the breeze coming from Lake Erie. The air reminds me of a Seaspray sachet I occasionally picked up while I lived in Chicago.

And to top it all off, upon my entrance to the building at work this morning, I inhaled deeply and asked no one in particular, "What is that heavenly scent?"

"Floor cleaner. I just mopped."

  1. Blogger Cyrus | 9/22/07, 4:46 PM |  

    I used to know some folks who liked to sniff floor cleaner too.

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