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He Said, Me Said

I'm not much of a very early morning person. Sure, getting up at nine and reporting to work at ten is easy, but on occasion I rise from a deep sleep at five a.m. and start working by six. Usually loving the early out time, I often enjoy an afternoon nap with Miso while someone on the tube (background noise) goes on about a baby daddy, or pre-op sexual frustration (Jerr-y! Jerr-y!) of some sort.

I'm picking up a few night shifts at work and while the extra hours are something I'm not really looking forward to, the idea of sleeping in a little later makes me quite happy.

I'm a much happier person when I begin working later in the day. Proof? Consider my conversation with a customer yesterday morning at seven a.m. :

Me: "Hi. How may I help you?"
He: "Give me..."
Me: "May I have..."
He: "What?"
Me: "I'm sure you meant to say 'May I have...' please, continue."
He: "Give me..."
Me: "May. I. Have."
He: "Yeah, what you said..."

This goes on all morning, and quite often I get frustrated and begin to throw things, or run from the room screaming. Which then of course, leaves a room full of co-workers staring in disbelief at the sight of me scrambling to the break room lighting up three cigarettes at once while at the same time muttering under my breath, "Shutup, shutup, shutup."

I either need to learn to deal with ignorant people or get back into selling high end furniture.

Which, because of the stress brought on by a monthly quota, made my hair temporarily fall out in patches.

Damn, I'm screwed.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/25/07, 4:57 PM |  

    Well, you could try to turn stalking Tori into a lucrative gossip rag career...

  2. Blogger Frankie | 4/25/07, 5:38 PM |  

    Hrm...mayhaps I shall try!

  3. Blogger SportyGrrl | 4/26/07, 11:38 AM |  

    The hair falling out in patches could be a good new look for you.

  4. Blogger Frankie | 4/26/07, 11:44 AM |  

    SportyGrrl, you may be on to something. I've just grown a bit attached to the hairstyle I now have.


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