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The book sale was well worth the trip.

I managed to pick up three books on CSS and XHTML, while David foraged around the travel table and found a few encyclopedia-sized travel guides to add to his ever growing collection.

We arrived at ten-thirty this morning and were promptly asked for our membership cards.

Sorry, I refuse to pay fifteen dollars for early admission, crappy coffee, and day old donated danish. We walked around the downtown area until one, when the public sale began.

To pass the time, David gave me a historical tour of some of the more prominent buildings in the immediate area: the convention center, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and some background information on the Cleveland Brown's Stadium.

I returned the favor by giving him a quick tour of my local haunts: Starbucks, D'Vine wine bar, and a pause in the afternoon to consume one of my new favorite beverages.

Please. There's only so much learning I'm willing to do on a Sunday.

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