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Frank Gumola - Journal | Weblog

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

This past Memorial Day weekend, most of my family was fortunate enough to gather at my brother's house in Lexington, South Carolina.

My sister-in-law snapped this photo during an afternoon of barbecuing, cocktail sipping, and refreshing dips in the pool.

It was this ONE PERFECT MOMENT she managed to capture that pulls at my heart strings like no other photo from that weekend.

All of us together like this is incredibly rare; this photo means so very much to me. I look at it and I think of everything we've been through, together, as a family.

I see a world of love and I pray it never fades.

From left to right: Frank, Joshua, Michael, Chad, and Mark.

Loud and Clear

Maybe it's because my favorite season is upon us. Maybe it's because I'm planning an incredible vacation with my family. Maybe it's because a loved one's cancer test came back negative. Or, maybe it's just because I finished watching the Ugly Betty series finale. Again.

The message has never been more clear to me. Step outside, hold the hand of the one you love, and breathe. Look around, you'll find blue skies. I promise.

There really is beauty in the world.

Obligatory Cr-48 Entry

This is the part where I was all, "My Precious!"

Letitia, My Reflection

Just a quick note: I simply adored Jill's portrayal of Letitia Darling.


"When it comes to relationships, maybe we're all in glass houses, and shouldn't throw stones. Because you can never really know. Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less - than butterflies."


I've never seen my sister so happy. http://vimeo.com/14595373*

Except for that time in the 90's when we ended up in the same club as Dennis Rodman. Gorl.

*note: this movie was shot with iPhone 4 and created using iMovie for iPhone. In some scenes, especially near the end where I'm crying like a bitch, you can really tell.


I hate calling the cable company. To be honest, I hate calling any utility company. Not a fan of sitting through three minute long greetings, press this for that menus, or the "Oh my GOD I'm going to kill someone if I'm on hold on minute longer" wait times. Yes, I know they can call me back. Don't care, don't like it.

So when my internet connection decided to die for the second time in two days I reluctantly decided to not wait it out and actually call Time Warner Cable. The woman I spoke with was extremely polite and very friendly. I explained the situation and bless her soul, she actually told me I'd have to go the weekend without an internet connection.

"Um. But I'm paying for this. AND WHAT THE HELL, IT'S THURSDAY!?"

She literally told me to not panic. We got a good laugh out of it and I ended the conversation with an appointment for a technician to visit our apartment today between 4-6pm. <-- REMEMBER THIS PART.

So, I sat for a minute, sipped some vino, and decided to look online (using my iPhone) for help. Like a shining beacon in the darkest of nights, there it was; Time Warner recently launched an online team of help experts. A Twitter team, to be precise.

I tweeted, they tweeted back, a few emails were exchanged, and about an hour and a half later the problem was solved.

I have no idea how it was done, but it was done. Everything was once again fine in my little online world and I could go back to watching porn reruns of old school 90210.

Cut to today.

I got home from work to find David napping in the bedroom. I fired up the laptop, sat in front of the television, and decided to not hold in the um... gastrointestinal discomfort I was feeling. Yep, I ripped one. A loud one. Just then, a loud knock at the living room door (which is less than three feet away from the couch) followed by an even louder announcement: "Time Warner Cable! Here to fix your internet connection."

Hand to God, I heard him laughing. And I swear, I will never call them again.