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It's All A Blur

Shortly after taking this shot (and downing an espresso shot) I fired up the laptop (yeah, the older IBM model I gave to David since my iPhone acquisition), downloaded iTunes 8 and then... blur. The entire LCD looked as if it were melting and then the laptop crashed.

It's been doing the same thing for about four hours now; boots up fine, stays functional for thirty or so seconds, and then the screen melts, flickers, and the system shuts down. I'm looking into it, but until I can find a fix, I'm not able to update my iPhone to 2.1.

I may just forgoe the shopping excursion I had planned for the end of the month (and by 'excursion' I totally mean new clothes on the cheap) and put the money toward something more useful. Like the ever mounting pile of bills. Or a new (I'm not opposed to used) laptop. Or bills.

But probably a laptop.

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