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It's Official, I've Reached Stalkerati Status

You may recognize Gavin Bellour from one of my earlier posts (Yeah, I gush over his good looks, what of it?), one of his numerous television commercials, or from his current project: lead singer of the band Million Billion.

I'm excited to announce that Gavin has graciously granted me an interview.

Edit: Got a question for Gavin? Submit it here. I'll add it to my list and promptly post the interview as soon as I can.

I got a bit antsy and fired off my own, and a few from my LDSA. More soon.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/10/07, 2:20 PM |  

    I don't have any questions, but I just checked him out. I may likely buy the latest album from the 30 seconds I've heard so far...

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